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All You Want to Know About "50 Marathons"

Updated: May 2

"50 Marathons" was Tahlia's debut single released on November 1st, 2020.

What inspired you to write “50 Marathons”?

I wrote “50 Marathons” because I really missed my grandparents during the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns. Lyrically, “50 Marathons” sounds like a love song, especially since I decided to make it into a duet, but I actually like that it can be applied to anyone in life whether that’s friends, family, or your companion.

Why did you decide to release “50 Marathons” as your debut single?

I decided to release “50 Marathons” as my first single because I knew there were so many people that could connect to it. I was able to convey the way many people were feeling through the lyrics of this song and I wanted to be able to share that. I also wanted to put it out quickly because I had no idea how long the pandemic would last if I waited.

Who is featured on the track?

The person featured on the track is Ryan Baker. Ryan and I used to be in a band together back in 2016. He played guitar and I played drums (neither of us sang at the time). We ended up losing touch after the band went separate ways. We both knew we had always wanted to collab on something, but we just never had a project in mind. Fast forward a few years, I started the production process for “50 Marathons”and was thinking how great it would sound as a duet, so I decided to reach out to Ryan and reconnect.

How was “50 Marathons” recorded?

I record all of my songs in my home studio and do the entire production process myself. The session for “50 Marathons” has 48 tracks and over 14 different types of instruments. Because I know how to play tons of instruments, all the tracks are recorded on my own, which I think is a super cool feature to my music. Anytime you listen to one of my songs, it’s completely done by myself, which makes it really authentic.

Where can “50 Marathons” be heard?

“50 Marathons”, along with all of my other releases, can be found on any streaming platforms where you listen to music (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.) and the official lyric video can be found on my YouTube channel.

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